We are thrilled to announce that we are going to be performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival again this Summer!

Come and join us this August on a magical, musical journey around the world!  The show will feature rhymes and songs from our DVDs and CDs plus some exciting new songs for older participants!

Come along and get in the summer spirit with us – Hawaiian shirts, sandals and sombreros are welcome!

This will be an inclusive Makaton adventure for all ages and abilities.

For more information about our show – follow the link to the Gilded Balloon, Museum of Scotland:


Shows are at midday on Friday 17th Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th August 2018

See you in bonny Scotland!!

S&T x



  1. Thank you so much for your signing singing records, albums, CD and DVD from across the pond. I want you to know that your work will be seen by all of Vermont, USA! on Public Access Media!!! Thank you! I will be in touch with you as time goes by….. Mille Grazie, Janice Lipani, Teacher of the Deaf, Washington DC , Falls Church VA 22043 USA

    • Hello Janice – sorry for the delay in our reply, don’t know how we missed your lovely feedback! How thrilling to know that our resources are being seen in Vermont!! Yes, do keep in touch – best wishes from us both here in the UK xx

  2. Aw dear , so sad .Our children start back to school after their summer holidays the day that you have your show in Edinburgh .

    • I know! We were aware that this might be the case, but as I said earlier, this was the only set of dates that the venue could offer us so we just had to take them. We will however be back up to Glasgow in April so perhaps see you there instead? xx

    • Hi Wendy – I know it’s a shame, but these were the only dates that the venue could offer us so we had to take them. Hence the Saturday date sold out so quickly. We know a couple of families are bringing their children out of school – figuring it’s an eduational trip anyway!! Failing that, we are coming back to Glasgow in April so perhaps see you there? BWs, S&T x

  3. Hi I’ve booked tickets for myself and my daughter and was wanting to get a ticket for my mum too! But is it seated or is it choose seats when get there



    • Hello Kymm – Can I suggest that you contact the venue – I’m assuming the tickets are seated rather than first come first serve – but they will be able to advise. Looking forward to meeting you all x

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