Before we get onto the business of proper blogging, we just wanted to flag up a little series of signing videos that we’ve been posting since January 2016 on our YouTube channel: SingingHandsUK

As we’ve said on our website, signing is a “use it or lose it” skill so we want to help you utilise your signs daily so that you don’t forget all those fantastic signs you have learned.  We hope that by building up the number of videos on our channel, along with our DVD resources, we can help you brush up those skills each week and become a confident and fluent Makaton sign user.

Every Monday, we add a short signed clip to our channel with the hashtag #MakatonMonday. We always share these clips to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram followers, but if you are not on any of these social media channels, you can find them directly on our YouTube channel.  In fact, better still – subscribe to the YouTube channel and you’ll never miss out on any new clips that we post on any of our playlists.

How Are You? #MakatonMonday 2016 #3

The idea behind #MakatonMonday is to encourage everyone to take a small step towards learning how to sign – even one sign is better than nothing. But the more you learn, the better. The signs on the channel will include concepts for play, food, time, colours, transport, animals plus seasonal signs to help you learn relevant concepts throughout the year.  So join us every week to learn something new or practise those signs you already know.  On week #3, we uploaded “How are you?” – why not have a go at greeting people this way from now onwards!

It’s also worth checking out as the Makaton Charity have also recently started up their own sign of the week with the hashtag #wetalkmakaton so you have plenty of reasons to get signing at the start of the week with your family and friends.

The Makaton Charity #wetalkmakaton – MILK

Happy signing everyone 🙂



  1. My daughter is non verbal and uses Makaton to communicate and it can be so difficult to find certain signs sometimes, so a sign a week is a fantastic idea. We are already signed up to the Makaton sign of the week so will look forward to yours. My daughter adores her Singing Hands dvd, we were luckily enough to see you both in action a couple of years ago and her excitement was a joy to see!

    • Hi Lisa – thank you so much for your lovely message, we are very pleased to hear that you are enjoying our #MakatonMonday signs. We are also really pleased to hear that your daughter enjoys her Singing Hands DVDs and hopefully she can see us in action again soon. Best wishes S&T x

  2. We’ve just purchased and received Christmas Cracker 2. Our 10yr old nonverbal daughter has watched the first one repeatedly (whatever the season) so it’s great to get something new. She’s a massive Singing Hands fan and we have purchased all the Dvd’s and cd’s. Thank you for producing entertainment that really engages her as well as reinforcing her signing.

  3. Hi just recently purchased christmas cracker DVD 2 for my 9 yr old daughter she loves this with being
    On the spectrum it has helped her interact with christmas on her level which is great thanks

    • Hello Julie
      Thank you so much for your message – we are thrilled that our Christmas DVD has helped your daughter engage and enjoy Christmas. Happy New Year! Best wishes, S&T

  4. It’s not just children that love singing hands I am a adult with learning disabilities and I love singing hands I have brought all the dad’s and cds and love playing them keep up the good work you are doing its a great help to people like myself

    • Thanks Michelle – we are thrilled to hear that you are loving all the DVDs and CDs and how much they are helping you. Have you seen that we have launched a Pledge Music campaign to make a new DVD/CD of signed POP songs?! Please see our website/FB page – we need you and your friends to pre-order as we’d LOVE to make you some fantastic older songs for you to enjoy too. Thank you so much for your support x

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