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My First Signs Book by Child’s Play


All children naturally communicate with gestures, even before they develop the ability to speak.  By teaching simple sign language to children from as young as seven months, we can help them to convey their emotions and their needs, as well as giving them a valuable head-start in their social and intellectual development.

A delightful board book featuring illustrations of babies demonstrating over forty key words such as MILK, EAT, DRINK, SLEEP. The signs featured in the book are compatible with those used in the Makaton Language Programme.  A great resource to add to your signing collection.

Illustrated by Annie Kubler, 12 page board book, 268mm x 268mm

Winner of the Practical Parenting Pre-School Silver Award 2004

Where Is Daddy?


Where is Daddy? is a fun book that encourages speech and language development for all children from about the age of eight months. Babies and young children will love helping baby to find Daddy at the park. The big bold pictures and repeated words will capture their interest and attention. Each page features illustrations of the key signs to help you enjoy both reading and signing along at the same time.

Babies and young children will love to read this story again and again!

Where Is Pig?


Where Is Pig? by Emma Furse introduces children to popular farm animals, with signs throughout the book.