Bundle It’s Signing Time DVDs 1 & 2


Singing Hands: It’s Signing Time DVD with Makaton

Our first DVD features a collection of songs taken from our classes and our CDs and songbooks. You’ll see us down at the farm singing Baa Baa Black Sheep and Old MacDonald and showing you lots of animal and play signs. We also visit the playground and park with friends and there are sessions with babies and toddlers. There is a great mix of simple songs with only a few signs to songs with more signs and concepts from the Makaton vocabulary programme.


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Singing Hands: It’s Signing Time 2 DVD with Makaton

This follow-up to our popular It’s Signing Time DVD features even more signs from the Makaton Vocabulary Language Programme. This DVD will enable you and your child to learn lots of great signs for animals, transport, the alphabet, colours, numbers and many other concepts in a fun and engaging way. Produced in association with the Makaton Charity, this DVD includes some of our favourite songs about pirates, scarecrows, the weather and so much more. Come and join us singing on our big red bus, at school, at nursery and marching round the park!

You can stream/download this DVD on Vimeo by clicking here.


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Singing Hands: It’s Signing Time DVD with Makaton


1. Girls and Boys, 2. Hello, How are You?, 3. Are you Ready? Let’s Begin!, 4. Where is Poppy?, 5. Wind the Bobbin Up, 6. Open, Shut Them, 7. Incy Wincy, 8. Happy and You Know It, 9. I Dig My Garden, 10. Three Little Monkeys, 11. Transport Song, 12. Mummy More, 13. Please and Thank You, 14. Nappy song, 15. Old MacDonald, 16. Baa Baa Black Sheep, 17. Three Little Sandcastles, 18. I Went to the Park., 19. Mmm Mmm Frog, 20. Down in the Jungle, 21. It’s a Rainbow, 22. Two Little Dickie Birds, 23. Hey Diddle Diddle, 24. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, 25. ABC Goodbye

Playing Time

45 minutes


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