Hickory Dickory Dock Songsheet


This Singing Hands songsheet features the lyrics and the Makaton line drawings for the signs included in this song. Our songsheets are designed for use in conjunction with the downloadable audio track which has been recorded at the right tempo so that you can sign along. By using these resources together with relevant props and instruments, you will help make your song time a multi-sensory learning experience.

This song is included in It’s Time To Sing! Volume 2 CD and It’s Signing Time 2 DVD.

Click here to download the audio track from Itunes:

These printable songsheets are presented in PDF format. Due to copyright restrictions with the Makaton line drawings, they can only be purchased by UK residents. The audio tracks are available for purchase and/or download worldwide. Video versions are available for purchase in DVD format or downloads on Vimeo.


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