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Our first DVD features a collection of songs taken from our classes and our CDs and songbooks. You’ll see us down at the farm singing Baa Baa Black Sheep and Old MacDonald and showing you lots of animal and play signs. We also visit the playground and park with friends and there are sessions with babies and toddlers. There is a great mix of simple songs with only a few signs to songs with more signs and concepts from the Makaton vocabulary programme.

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Bulletin (RCSLT) gave our DVD 5 Stars for Content and Value:

“It’s Signing Time…. will be a valuable resource for professionals as a training tool and a resource for ideas….The DVD is well structured…there is a good use of props and other visual material and a variety of settings are depicted….The range of vocabulary is excellent – a mixture of daily routine items and activities…The DVD could also provide a useful introduction to Makaton signing for siblings and other family members.”

Speech & Language Therapy in Practice called It’s Signing Time an “Interactive Experience”:

“Having had an introduction to Singing Hands through ‘Something Special’ (Cbeebies), this DVD proved an enjoyable way to see more of their repertoire and add new songs to my repertoire. Produced for anyone interested in signing with babies and children, with or without additional needs…..Suzanne & Tracy make singing a fun, interactive experience, demonstrating the use of object and symbol props to embed a multi-sensory approach. An informative booklet explains the benefits, details key signs and gives useful tips. Suitable for parents, early years settings and special needs groups, it is a favourite at home too with my 10 month and 4 year old”


Three Little Monkeys

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Old MacDonald

Running Order

  1. Girls and Boys (Hello song)
  2. Hello, How are You?
  3. Are You Ready? Let’s Begin!
  4. Where is Poppy?
  5. Wind the Bobbin Up
  6. Open, Shut Them
  7. Incy Wincy Spider
  8. If You’re Happy and You Know It
  9. I Dig My Garden
  10. Three Little Monkeys
  11. Transport Song
  12. Mummy More
  13. Please and Thank You
  14. Nappy Song
  15. Old MacDonald
  16. Baa Baa Black Sheep
  17. Three Little Sandcastles
  18. I Went to the Park….
  19. Mmm Mmm Frog
  20. Down in the Jungle
  21. It’s a Rainbow
  22. Two Little Dickie Birds
  23. Hey Diddle Diddle
  24. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
  25. A.B.C. (Goodbye Song)

Playing Time: 45 minutes

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1. Girls and Boys, 2. Hello, How are You?, 3. Are you Ready? Let’s Begin!, 4. Where is Poppy?, 5. Wind the Bobbin Up, 6. Open, Shut Them, 7. Incy Wincy, 8. Happy and You Know It, 9. I Dig My Garden, 10. Three Little Monkeys, 11. Transport Song, 12. Mummy More, 13. Please and Thank You, 14. Nappy song, 15. Old MacDonald, 16. Baa Baa Black Sheep, 17. Three Little Sandcastles, 18. I Went to the Park., 19. Mmm Mmm Frog, 20. Down in the Jungle, 21. It’s a Rainbow, 22. Two Little Dickie Birds, 23. Hey Diddle Diddle, 24. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, 25. ABC Goodbye

Playing Time

45 minutes

7 reviews for Singing Hands: It’s Signing Time DVD with Makaton

  1. April October 2014

    Five stars!!
    Really love these two, genius idea! My daughter LOVES watching and trying to sign along. Great with all children but so good for those with speacial needs. and not one of those annoying get it off the telly kind of programmes. I like signing along with my daughter and enjoy that interactive time together. Couldn’t recommend it enough!!

  2. Katie March 2015

    Great! Recommend Highly – Katie March 2015
    Brilliant! Very well presented. Makes learning signs fun and easy. It isn’t patronising. I can (and have) watch this DVD again and again without getting irritated!

  3. Chuckie

    For all children! June 2015
    This is an amazing dvd, not just for children with learning difficulties, but for all. My daughter who has no difficulties absolutely loves this. She makes us watch it on an almost daily basis. She can now sign for lots of words and is 1 year old. I can’t recommend this dvd enough

  4. Ann

    Fantastic has helped me learn makaton great would recommend this to anyone. I know all the signs now ☺☺ watched them 100 of times just love my son’s faces when this is played ☺☺

  5. Jennifer Brown March 2016

    Get it 🙂 – Jennifer Brown March 2016
    Amazing, toddler loves it and learning so much! 100% worth it!

  6. Amazon Review

    We cannot get enough of Singing Hands in our house. This DVD provides memorable, enjoyable signs and songs and is an invaluable communication aid for children, especially those who use Makaton. Our daughter has Down’s syndrome and has watched the set of 3 DVDs frequently. The songs and signs are now firmly embedded and spoken language is beginning to replace sign, in part thanks to Singing Hands. Thank you ladies.

  7. Amazon Customer June 2016

    This DVD is nothing short of awesome- our little boy has loved it since he was about 10 months old. He picks up lots of words and makaton signs from it. Now he has just turned two he sings along too which is super cute and very funny. We have both the DVDs and they have helped us on many an occasion calm him down and get him out of a tantrum almost instantly- he loves these ladies!! Wherever we go we take one of these DVDs ! In short it makes him really happy and helps him with his words so I’m a happy Mum 🙂

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