It’s Time to Sing! With Singing Hands, Volume 3

This collection is the soundtrack to accompany our DVD/download “It’s Signing Time 3”.  It includes a fantastic range of tunes about emotions, animals, transport, the alphabet, colours, numbers and many other concepts. Sing along with us about zoo animals, aliens, kangaroos, crocodiles and much more.

The “It’s Time to Sing” albums have been re-recorded and re-mastered and feature some tried-and-tested favourites from our classes and concerts alongside original tunes and less-well-known songs that we love to sing.

Our songs are sung at a much more user-friendly pace than most commercial music because we want our listeners to be able to sign along as they sing.  In addition, as our focus is speech and language development, the vocabulary and diction is designed to be clear and audible so that children (parents and professionals too!) can hear the lyrics and sing along.

All our music tracks have lovely musical arrangements with different musical treatments to suit the theme of the song.  There are all different types of songs for you to enjoy including hello/goodbye songs, warm-up songs, call-and-echo songs, songs in the round, songs with harmonies, lively knee-bouncers and movement songs alongside gentle soothing rhymes too.

Unlike our DVDs/video downloads, all our music tracks are available for sale worldwide, so they are also great for those of you overseas helping children to learn English too.

Happy singing!

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1. Girls and Boys (Hello song)
2. Let’s Sing Hello
3. Where is Poppy?
4. 5 Little Peas
5. One Finger, One Thumb
6. 5 little Firemen
7. This is the Way….
8. Down on Grandpa’s Farm
9. Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer
10. There Was a Princess Long Ago
11. I’ve Got a Grumpy Face…
12. Down at the Station
13. Freshen Up
14. If You’re Wearing…
15. I’m a Kangaroo
16. Kookaburra
17. We’re Going to the Aoo
18. A Windmill in Old Amsterdam
19. Walking Through the Jungle
20. Yellow Bird
21. Down by the Bay
22. She Sailed Away
23. I Once Saw an Elephant
24. You Are My Sunshine
25. Goodbye Song


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