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The Gold Star Inn – A Nativity Musical with Makaton Signing by Rebecca Thompson


The Gold Star Inn is the second Nativity musical with Makaton by Rebecca Thompson (Primary school teacher and parent of Jacob, who has Down Syndrome).

This musical tells the traditional Nativity story with the help of a donkey who likes to hum! It includes Makaton line drawings for the 10 fabulous new songs and 2 scripts – one for the younger nursery-aged children and a longer script for children aged up to 8. The book include music score, scripts, Makaton line drawing signing sheets and an audio CD with performance and backing tracks.

Book, Audio CD and Instant Licence (Licence last for 12 months & can be renewed) £30.00

Book & Audio CD only (ie. Product not being used for performance purposes, personal  use only) £18.00

I Love You Natty by Mia & Hayley Goleniowska from Downs Side Up


In this inspirational introduction to Down’s Syndrome aimed at children, big sister Mia shows that we are all more alike than we realise.

New parents will benefit too, as they share this beautifully-illustrated book, complete with family photos, and children will adore its bright, visually-appealing content.

A must-read for those welcoming a baby or child with Trisomy 21 into their midst, for teachers prompting class discussions about inclusion and for medical professionals supporting families after a recent diagnosis.  I Love You Natty should be on a shelf in every home.