The Administrative Team
Debs Craig

Our office ANGEL! Debs keeps this whole show on the road and enables us to get on with the important job of jumping around with chicken hats on our heads and looking like twits. Debs is responsible for actioning all our random requests ranging from sourcing a big, rubber rhino or a kangaroo onesie to organising our cashflows, paying bills and doing our VAT returns. Every office should have a Debs!

Zoe Fielden

Zoe is Debs’s office side-kick. Zoe came to our classes many years ago with her little boy. Zoe gets the resources ready each Friday so that our tutors have kits that are jam-packed full of multi-sensory goodies for the following week’s classes. Like Debs, Zoe’s job can range from the vital task of replacing a toy goat with a missing ear or finding a giant toothbrush to organising our Newsletters, creating Excel spreadsheets, taking care of stock control or processing and reconciling orders – variety is the order of the day!

Belinda McArdle

Belinda is our number-crunching book-keeper. She does it so we don’t have to!  Belinda and Debs are our Wednesday morning numerical dream team.