Due to Covid19, our wonderful baby, toddler and school/nursery/SEN Group sessions moved online last term to bring families fun, learning and a regular routine via Zoom while everyone stayed safe at home.

Our ‘lockdown learning’ programme began from the 31st March and ran through  to the end of the official school Summer Term.  Many children have now headed back to school for the Autumn Term so we will no longer be offering our twice-weekly webinars.  However, Zoom has opened so many opportunities and we’ve been inundated with requests to continue an online offering.  You asked and we are happy to oblige – this is what’s on offer this term @home!  Don’t forget you can access other online content on our YouTube channel for free as well.

Adhoc Weekend Webinar (available for anyone in the UK to attend) 10.30am

Come and join us for 35 minutes of fun Makaton signed nursery rhymes, action songs and a few pop songs to finish. These sessions are only £2.50 and are run in webinar format. It’s like your very own live Singing Hands session on your TV or your chosen device! We will endeavour to run 3 of these per half-term so that even if you’ve returned to school, you can still get a regular live dose of Singing Hands at the weekend!  Each session will have a different set of songs and activities.  We will post on social media some ideas of props for you to get together for that day’s class so that you can replicate the experience of handling our wonderful multi-sensory props in your home.

Wednesdays – Baby / Toddler Classes (Toddlers 9.45am / Babies 11am)

This term we are running a hybrid set of classes,  We’ve returned to our popular local classes in Teddington and Twickenham but we are also going to be running a special weekly Toddler class and a Baby signing class on Zoom.   This will follow exactly the same syllabus as our face-to-face 40 minute classes,  These will therefore be suitable for any local families who are still unsure about returning to LIVE classes but also for those of you with pre-schoolers further afield.  Geography no longer prohibits you from learning with us! Unlike our weekend webinars, we run these sessions in Zoom meeting format so that you can see us, we can see you and the little ones can all see each other. Each Wednesday morning session will feature a different range of songs & activities and we’ll email you prior to the session with ideas of props and toys to get together to replicate the multi-sensory elements of our usual classes. These sessions can only been booked on a termly basis at £75.00, per household, per term. To book you and your little ones onto these sessions, click here.

The term starts Wednesday 23rd September.

Singing Hands Signing Choir

Brand new for this term!  We have our fabulous signing choir here in Twickenham but we’d love to invite members all across the UK to come and take part in our online signing choir.  The choir sessions will last one hour and we’ll be going through and teaching the signs for two new Pop songs each session.  We have plans for various different choirs (in the long term) but for time being, this will be an all-comers, inclusive choir.  It is open to anyone 8+, for those with/without additional needs, parents, carers, teachers, TAs – anyone!

These sessions are currently PAYG.  In the longer term, we may switch to booking for a block so that we build up skills & consistency amongst the group with a view to performances / filming our efforts!  But for now let’s just see how we go!  The sessions will take place the first weekend of every month (dates / details will be listed on our online shop / forthcoming events).  Price per session £6.50.

Pop Parties (Ad-hoc afternoon sessions)

As our live concerts are not running for the foreseeable future, we’ve created some more online fun for older children and young adults. These are 1 hour sessions featuring pop songs from our Pop DVD and CarPark Karaoke series all presented via Zoom meeting. That means you can see us, we can see you and we can all see each other having a fab boogie in our houses! Grab some silly headgear, a wig, funny glasses, some colourful scarves, pom poms and something twinkly/flashing to finish. We’ll have a blast!

Wine & Sign Events (Ad-hoc Friday Night sessions) 8pm

And last but not least, something for the parents, carers and professionals – let’s have a kitchen disco! This Zoom party promises to be your #BestNightOutIn featuring 1.5 hours of Makaton signing, singing, wine & dancing. We create a fab playlist of 70s/80s/90s/00s music – think Guilty Pleasures/Wedding Disco type stuff.  We don’t run the session like a choir – so we won’t be going through and teaching you the whole song line by line as that’ll take too long per song and won’t make it feel like quite like a party.   We aim to teach you the key signs for each chorus so that you can feel free to get dancing during your verses and then we’ll all join up and sign the choruses.  These sessions were the highlight of our lockdown calendar and loads of you asked us to continue this term so please join us!