Inspire your staff

Over the years, we have run nursery sessions in a wide range of settings. A Singing Hands Makaton signed nursery session is a fantastic way to encourage the children in your nursery to develop their Makaton signing skills. Our approach is designed to show you how to help foster inclusion of children with additional needs and how it can support children with EAL. By joining in with a Singing Hands session, we hope to inspire your staff members who have already completed their Makaton training on how to refresh and apply their signing knowledge and how to reinvigorate their approach to delivering rhymes with the children at your setting. We also hope to encourage non-signing staff to see how easy it is to apply through songs and stories so that they feel motivated to attend their Makaton training as soon as they can. Makaton is what we call a ‘use it or lose it’ skill, so we hope to show staff how to apply the signs through activities on a daily basis to keep up their signing skills.

Signing at storytime makes big books even more engaging!

Engage the children with multi-sensory songs & rhymes

Each nursery session starts with a signed story and/or key words relating to a topic being covered by the setting. After this we move onto the singing with our lively range of multi-sensory Makaton signed songs about emotions, feelings, farm animals, jungle animals, mini-beasts, the weather, transport, colours, numbers and much more. We bring everything we need with us including our exciting range of visual, tactile and auditory props for the children and staff to enjoy.

Mooooo! Dom & Oscar sign COW

Foster an inclusive approach to language

By adopting a Makaton-based approach in your setting, you can help encourage communication between children with SEN and their peers by fostering an inclusive approach to language – signing with all the children will help you achieve this. Over and again we have seen how much the children without additional needs have loved learning how to sign as well – and what better way to break down communication barriers can there be?

Florence signs CAT

Oscar signs HIPPO

Want to book us for a visit?

If you are interested in Singing Hands coming to your nursery to run a session with your children and staff, please contact us and let us know your requirements. If you are looking for staff training and/or Makaton training for your staff only, please contact the team in the office and they will be able to help with your enquiry.

Singing and signing Dig My Garden about a cheeky RABBIT

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