Welcome to our events page!   At the moment most of our live F2F events (except for the Christmas Show)  remain on hold but we are continuing to all our virtual concerts just like we did throughout 2020. All our events are hosted on ZOOM, some in meeting format and some in Webinar format  and are lots of fun.  Hope to see you in your lounge or kitchen very soon 🙂

Singing Hands VIRTUAL Christmas Show, Sat 27th November

Venue: Your Home Time: 11.30am and 3pm

Come and join us on Zoom from the Hammond Theatre in Hampton to kickstart your festive celebrations!  Makaton legend Dave Benson-Phillips will be there as well as our dancing donkey and hippo, our 5 reindeer and 5 snowmen and so much more! Tickets are £15 per household.

Book the 11.30am session here!

Book the 3pm session here!

Singing Hands VIRTUAL Christmas Show, 1-15th December

Venue: Your School Time: You choose!

Like last year, we’ll be making our virtual Christmas show available for you to use in your school setting. Grab some jingle bells, shakers, sensory lights and any other festive props to make it multisensory. Tickets are £50+VAT per school.  The video will be available to watch via private YouTube link for a two week period and you can watch as often as you like during that time.   For more information about booking this for your school please email us info@singinghands.co.uk