Singing Hands: It’s Signing Time 3 DVD with Makaton


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Here’s our third collection of Makaton-signed songs for you to enjoy! This DVD will enable you and your child to learn lots of great signs for emotions, animals, transport, the alphabet, colours, numbers and many other concepts in a fun and engaging way. Produced in association with the Makaton Charity, this DVD includes some of our favourite new songs sung on location at the Zoo, in a school and at the Fire Station plus zany songs about aliens, kangaroos, crocodiles and much more.

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Five Little Firemen

There Was a Princess Long Ago

We’re Going to the Zoo


1. Girls and Boys (Hello song)
2. Let’s Sing Hello
3. Where is Poppy?
4. Five Little Peas
5. One Finger, One Thumb
6. Five Little Firemen
7. This is the Way….
8. Down on Grandpa’s Farm
9. Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer
10. There Was a Princess Long Ago
11. I’ve Got a Grumpy Face…
12. Down at the Station
13. Freshen Up
14. If You’re Wearing…
15. I’m a Kangaroo
16. Kookaburra
17. We’re Going to the Zoo
18. A Windmill in Old Amsterdam
19. Walking Through the Jungle
20. Yellow Bird
21. Down by the Bay
22. She Sailed Away
23. I Once Saw an Elephant
24. You are my Sunshine
25. Goodbye Song

Playing Time: 55 minutes

7 reviews for Singing Hands: It’s Signing Time 3 DVD with Makaton

  1. Mr C

    Great fun for all kids and adults alike and an easy way to learn Makaton – Mr C April 2016
    Singing Hands always come up trumps, we have all of the DVDs and both children love the songs and have learned so many useful Makaton signs and all while having great fun! I can’t recommend these DVDs highly enough, our little girl has DS and has learned literally hundreds of signs and has been able to communicate with us non-verbally from a very young age.

    Fun for all kids but a life changer for us!

  2. Emily Bennett

    All of my children love these DVDs and some are more vocal than before – Emily Bennett May 2016
    I am an SEN teacher teaching a class of nine children with severe autism t a school in west London. I use this DVD, along with the three others (Singing Time 1, Singing Time 2, Christmas DVD), during quiet times. While this is playing the children sit and focus very well and some find the songs very calming. All of my children love these DVDs and some are more vocal than before as a direct result of learning these songs (single words from the songs as well as whole lines and signs). Excellent value for the gains that can be made. Highly recommended. Also suitable for toddlers and very young children, not just for those with disabilities. Worth every penny!

  3. Fuzzybear

    A must-buy for all – Fuzzybear May 2016
    This long awaited DVD is amazing – My daughter uses Makaton as her 1st language so to have this DVD she has learnt new signs within 48 hours of watching it along with new songs. The whole family have watched & learned from this DVD & have not been disappointed at all – Susan & Tracey have done a fantastic job & this DVD needs to be in everyones home.

  4. Hayley Chandler

    Brilliant – Hayley Chandler May 2016
    My daughter loves all 3 volumes of the DVD’s, and they were really helpful when she was younger in helping her to communicate. The songs are fun and catchy, and I would highly recommend them to anyone with small children

  5. Farlowz

    Excellent – Farlowz May 2016
    Superb, just like their other dvds. Singing Hands are excellent. I have learnt most of my Makaton signing from their dvds and use this all the time with my 3 children. Cannot recommend highly enough

  6. DownssideUp

    Marvellous Makaton Magic – DownssideUp May 2016
    The best yet! And we love them all. Thank you for the giggles ladies, but most of all thank you for helping our daughter communicate.

  7. Jackie Smith

    Spreading a little happiness – Jackie Smith June 2016
    Brilliant! My Granddaughter’s favourite singing ladies – they bring joy, warmth and light-hearted entertainment to both children and adults. A most valued diversion. Thank you Suzanne and Tracy xx

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